Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Last Weekend

A couple of months ago Glenn was asked by one of our friends if he'd like to participate in a quarter triathlon in a team of three - swimming, biking, running/walking.  He decided to sign up and give it a go so for the past three months he has been getting out five or six nights each week after work training.

We headed up to Napier last Friday evening to meet up with our friends and then on Saturday it was the big day!  We were up bright and early to go along to the starting point of the triathlon, Pandora Pond.  It was a beautiful morning but I can ensure you the water was freezing!

Soon after 8am, the swimmers were called to begin and they were off.

Glenn completed his swim in under an hour but it was hard going in the chilly salty water but he did it and I was so proud of him!

Then it was time to watch his two other team members complete their cycle and run parts.  There were 1000's of competitors at this triathlon, all ages and all sizes too. Good on them I say!

Later in the morning, we were went to find a cafe for brunch and then we could enjoy the rest of the weekend with our friends, and the beautiful sunny weather in Napier.

Sunday morning we spent at one of our favourite spots, Ahuriri.

There's a new "Bumpy" track that has recently opened along the Marine Parade so Hannah had a great time whizzing along the paths on her scooter.

Another wonderful weekend in one of my favourite places!

See you soon x


Marilyn said...

Kudos to Glenn!!!!
The pics of the water are beautiful, thanks for sharing them.
Looks like Hannah found the perfect pace for her scooter. :)

Maggee said...

Congrats to hubby for doing the Quarter Ironman. What a feat! Glad you had time afterwards to relax and enjoy family/friends time! Hugs!

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