Monday, October 13, 2014

Knit:Little Girl's Cardigan

This was a lovely little knit, and it didn't take too long at all. I'm sending this over to my friend in the UK for her little girl turning one in early December.

The free pattern can be found here 

A close up of the buttons - aren't they pretty. I recently had a stock up on buttons via a seller on Trademe.

I used The Wool Company's double knit Watermelon, which actually looks quite pink in these colours and knitted the 1-3 year old size.

I've already cast on my next project, the same pattern but this time using Mixed Berry, a blend of purple and red colours.


Charlie and Wendy said...

It's lovely Katrina, such a cute pattern and yarn.

Thoeria said...

This is so cute! What a great choice of wool - perfect for a little girl :)

Vickie said...

Gorgeous! This big girl loves it. ;)

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