Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Bits & Pieces

It's now officially Spring here but you wouldn't think so with the weather we've had lately - rain, rain and more rain, dreary grey days. Where's our sunshine?  

Finger's crossed the weather improves by the weekend as it's our town's annual spring festival, and also, the Chili Cook off ,which is held in the main street on Saturday morning.  We always enjoy going along and trying out some samples, making a donation to each of the community services who run the stalls. The spring festival is held over four days at Pukeora Estate and is always worth checking out  - lots of crafts, food and art. This year my niece Zoe has a piece of art work entered in the school show case so I'm looking forward to seeing what she has created.

A few weeks ago now Hannah started playing indoor hockey after school on a Tuesday and is loving it so far!  This is her first season and I can already see her confidence building as she plays each week. The games go so fast, only 8 minutes each half, and the kids really get into it.

Earlier in the year I was asked to stitch a birth sampler for a friend's grandson.  I went with a favourite choice, Sweet Child of Mine by Bent Creek, which I've stitched before.  It was stitched and framed  just in time for Charlie's first birthday last month.

Recently DH and I decided to  downsize our bedroom furniture and these are the little bedside cabinets DH made for us.  I think he made a wonderful job of them. The top is made from Rimu, from a very old dining room table top Glenn was given years ago.

We spent a few hours over the weekend at the local garden centre and then in our green house, tidying up and getting some seeds planted for spring - tomatoes (quite a few different varieties), lettuces, basil, cucumber, pumpkins, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli. Our vegetable garden was given a weed and the soil turned over too.

Now we just need some sunshine!


Marlene Jones said...

Trays of seeds so full of promise, here we are enjoying the last few weeks of summer, September is normally a great month.
Your hubby is very clever!

Thoeria said...

Oh those bedside tables are just perfect! Very talented man there :) Hannah does look so confident with her stick! My son as well as my eldest both play hockey as well and they love it!
One day you're going to wonder where all the rain has gone :) We're starting to feel the first warmth of spring here too!

Vickie said...

That is a wonderful birth sampler. Enjoy the weather!

Julie said...

I love those bedside cabinets. You have a very clever husband. Your greenhouse looks very spacious - can we have a tour one day of it?

shirley flavell said...

Your bedside cabinets are fantastic.You have a very clever husband. . The seed trays make me feel quite enthused to get to and start planting. It's warming up here in the Waikato as well, so nice to get up in the morning and open windows and doors for the sun.Your daughter is growing up, my GD also likes playing hockey she is 10.She plays on a Saturday as well as school.Your crosstitch birth sampler is lovely . Shirley

Andrea said...

Love your new bedside cabinets. They are just perfect. A wonderful birth sampler too, so pretty.

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