Monday, September 08, 2014

A Baking Day

After a lovely day out and about on Saturday enjoying the town's spring festival, we had a very low key day planned for Father's day yesterday. It was also raining, again, so a perfect day to get baking.

First up an Apricot and Ginger slice:

This is a no bake slice and so moreish, one of my favourites!  This recipe, by Annabel Langbein, can be found here.

Then another slice, called Lazy Lady slice, chocolate and coconut, yum!

This recipe can be found here 

I also came across an interesting muffin recipe the other day on the Red Brolly website and thought they would be a good addition to Hannah's school lunches this week.

The recipe for these Banana choc chip weetbix muffins recipe can be found here.

These three amazing Dads - DH, my lovely Dad and FIL xx


Elizabeth said...

Those sliceslook so yummy. I am going to check them out. Because of having pre diabetes I will have to ge strong, but, am thinking hubby will enjoy them. Aren't those muffin cases gorgeous, i made cup cakes for hubby's birthday and used black and white stripes and black and white spits.

Marilyn said...

Oh, both slices look sooooooooo delicious.
Great pics of the Dads.

Lyn said...

Looks like a lovely day up North...your baking looks very tempting..

Thoeria said...

Those all look delish!! Apricot and ginger sounds like a slice of heaven!

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