Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Bakes

Hello there

it's a much cooler day here today, perfect for getting bits and pieces ready for the big day this week!

Over the past few weekends Hannah and I have had fun making a few Christmas treats - some have already been given to co workers and friends, and some are just to enjoy over Christmas and Boxing Day.

First up, a very easy recipe for truffles, I made these last year too and they were delicious:

We also made about 60 white chocolate and cranberry biscuits using this recipe, 100 Cookies, a great basic biscuit that you can add any flavours to.

Hannah made gingerbread to have with the children at daycare, using this recipe by Annabel Langbein

I made a Christmas Cookie in a jar as a gift for a friend, which was very well received,  recipe and free labels to print found here

For Christmas Day this year I've been given the task of making some salads to take along so I've been browsing through all the recipe magazines and found some new ones to try out. I've also made some berry & pistachio  ice cream, which is one of my Mum's favourites to have on Christmas Day. The last on my list to make is a Jelly Slice, for the kids to enjoy :)

See you soon x


Elizabeth said...

You have been busy Katrina. It is very windy here today, but, the sun is shining. We are having a quiet day. My cousin and her husband came for morning tea and this afternoon John and I bought a take out coffee and had it at the cemetry before cleaning and replacing flowers at the grave of John's parents'. Have a wonderful christmas.

Charlie and Wendy said...

Everything looks delicious Katrina, thanks for all the yummy recipe links! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas.

Andrea said...

Everything looks yummy.

Have a Happy Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Wow it all looks so nice and yummy,well done Katrina.xx

Maggee said...

What a great bunch of ideas! I should write them down! Hugs!

Lesleyanne said...

All of your baking looks great. I hope you have a lovely Christmas

Marilyn said...

All of your treats look yummy!
Especially the Truffles. :)
Hannah looks so cute with her Gingerbreads.
Merry Christmas to you and your family.

wishfulthinker said...

Super xmas treats, and I love that 100 cookies recipe, I had it many many years ago and the kids loved adding all sorts to it, always had a log of it on hand in the freezer and cut them pretty small so the kids felt like thy got a lot :) sneaky mum, Raining here in Tauranga Xmas day, having a quiet one, hope allhave a merry safe xmas

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