Monday, November 11, 2013

This weekend

Hello there

Happy Monday - how was your weekend? Ours went by so quickly once again, trying to fit in too many things to do and places to go!

here's a few snaps from the weekend:

Some pretty new scissors - the newly released Julia Ginghers. I can't resist these every time a new pattern comes out!

A new Christmas magazine to read  - another addiction of mine, love collecting these every year!

Hannah started junior cricket after school on Friday afternoon and had a great time, even with that pesky cast on! Only a few more days until it's coming off :)

Then it was off to the local A & P Show on Saturday, the girls had a lovely time.

Yesterday afternoon I "tried" to get some nice photos of Hannah to pop into this year's family Christmas cards but no such luck, ha ha.

Glenn planted our new mini fruit trees - mandarin, lemon and lime, and then last night, changed his mind and added some bigger stakes :)

I got out my favourite cook book from last summer, Simple Pleasures by Annabel Langbein, to pick out something for last night's dessert, and went with the one pot apple spice cake, it's just delicious with custard.

Annabel Langbein has a new summer manual out and I picked this up from the local bookshop recently. I hadn't had a chance to try any of the recipes out until yesterday so decided to make the carrot, honey and orange muffins for our lunch box treats this week.

Yummo!  A little bit of cream cheese icing on the top would have gone down even nicer so I'll remember that for next time as I'll definately make these again :)

See you soon x


Lesleyanne said...

Great photos from your weekend. Looks like you all had a great time.

Vickie said...

That pony Hannah is on is adorable!! Sweet pictures.

Anonymous said...

lovely pics katrina and love those new scissors and look at those yummy cakes,have a lovely week my friend.xx

Isabella Morais said...

What a great weekend you had! Wow, Hanna is a cuttie! I wish I could have a beautiful daughter like you have but I have 3 boys :( I'll probably be a lonely gradmother in the future, eheheheh.

The scissors are amazing!

Have a wonderful week!

Elizabeth said...

Great photos. Havent tasted candy floss for years. Must look out for the better homes and gardens magazine

Chris said...

Wonderful update! New scissors, a day out, reading and baking...lovely.

Zeb said...

Where oh where did you source the Ginghers from?! I've been trying to find a place that'll ship to NZ!

Rai Rai's Stitches said...

Zeb, try eBay.
Have you sent the newest Ginghers? They are called Sharon. They are a really lovely light green.

Rai Rai's Stitches said...

Zeb, try eBay.
Have you sent the newest Ginghers? They are called Sharon. They are a really lovely light green.

Andrea said...

Wow you did pack a lot in. Great photos. Could just eat one of those cakes right now but I guess stew will just have to do.

Maggee said...

Great post! You REALLY did have a busy weekend! Ah well, enjoy every day, and if the to-do list does not get done, there is always tomorrow! Hugs!

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