Thursday, October 10, 2013

Holiday Time - Part Two Taupo & Napier

Hello there

I'm back again with some more of our holiday photos. After a few hours travelling south Thursday morning, we arrived at our next destination for a couple of days. We've stayed in Taupo many times before but usually we find a motel along the lake front.  This time we decided to stay at De Bretts, which is a little drive out of Taupo, in this cute little cabin.

Hannah had her first ever sleep in a top bunk, she was one happy girl :)

There was a small playground right outside our cabin door so that's where Hannah pretty much spent much of our stay. She was so proud, she learnt how to swing on the monkey bars.

De Bretts also have their own thermal pools, so that was a lovely way to spend a few hours.

Thursday was a beautiful spring day and actually quite warm so in the evening we took some fish and chips down by the lake and had a walk around and feed the ducks.

This my favourite photo of Hannah from our trip so I'm going to have some prints done for Christmas gifts.

The next morning we had breakfast at one of the lovely cafes, my omelette was divine, filled with lots of tomato and feta.  Then it was time to check out some of our favourite shops up the main street, for Glenn the music shop to buy some CDs, and I soon found a jewellery shop stocking Pandora jewellery.

This day turned out to be quite hot too, I would have been tempted to go for a dip in the lake but knew it would have been freezing!

Soon it was time to bid Taupo farewell and start making our way home. As always, we had to stop off at our favourite spot in Napier, Ahuriri Beach, and it was a stunning day there too.

Hannah's favourite playground in Napier looks out over this beach, such a happy spot, and on this day, lots of families were out and about enjoying the sunshine.

So in all an excellent family holiday, just what we needed.

See you soon x


Vicky said...

Fish and Chips and L&P you have made me homesick :)

Elizabeth said...

Great photos. There are some new christmas pandora charms due out in November. I already have a pandora bracelet but have decided to have a christmas one too. Have ordered a bracelet and a few charms from a reputable site overseas I also have a chamillia bracelet with a mixture, but, mostly chamillia charms, that was in full!!!!

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful place for a holiday,lots of happy memories made.xx

Robin said...

Beautiful picture. What a lovely holiday for you.

Vickie said...

Beautiful! Great picture of the two of you. =)

Melissa said...

Thanks for sharing photos of your lovely trip!

Kathleen OGrady said...

Wonderful pictures. We live in the U.S. and have traveled to New Zealand many times. We stayed at De Bretts a few years back and it was fun. We so love Taupo and Napier both. We spend a bit of time in the Nelson area also. Seeing your photos makes me miss New Zealand, it is such a lovely country and the people are amazing. We are planning to visit this spring for a month, hopefully we will.

Lesleyanne said...

Beautiful photos.

Charlie and Wendy said...

Your holiday looks wonderful, beautiful photos.

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