Monday, July 08, 2013

Around Here

Hello friends
Another week has rolled around and this is Hannah's last week of the term before her first school holidays begin!  I'm going to be having a couple of days off to spend with her so we might just chill out or go to the movies, and I'd like to get some sewing done too.

The weather here has been more like spring over the past week - this is the view from down our street - you can just make out the snow covered Ruahine Ranges in the back ground. On this day the temperature reached 18 c, crazy for midwinter huh!

Today I thought I'd share a few pics around home - our vegetable beds, the little seedlings in here are growing ever so slowly but we've got a good crop of spinach coming along.

Did I ever show a photo of our greenhouse finished?

We have pots of veges growing in there over the winter months - lettuces, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower. These have been grown from seed and soon we'll be planting up seeds for spring. 


We have a fairly large orange tree in one corner of our garden - it's many years old and was on our section before the house was built.  We only ever get good fruit from it every second year and this year the tree is loaded. Hannah had alot of fun recently making freshly squeezed orange juice.

Hannah stayed over with Granny & Poppa Saturday night as we had a 60th birthday party to go to. What a great night we had, and I was able to catch up with some of my childhood friends. Yesterday morning DH and I went out for Sunday brunch to one of the local cafes and it was delicious!

Eggspresso - potato and kumara hash cakes, spinach, poached eggs, bacon, hollandaise sauce

I was so full afterwards I didn't eat again until teatime!

Hannah's best friend from school is off to Australia for the holidays so she had to ring her up for a chat - she loves the phone just as much as her mummy lol.

Hope your weekend was as lovely as ours x


Annette-California said...

Your gardens and plants are all beautiful. Wow! You have done a great job with all the seedlings. Lovely weekend you had. love Annette

meggie said...

Beautiful photos!
Have a good week (:

shez said...

what a lovely vegie garden you have Katrina,and what a cutie Hannah is,lovely post.xx

P.J. said...

Nice garden. Looks like a good time was had.

Chris said...

Lovely update. The weather everywhere has been crazy this year. Amazing oranges.

Jennifer said...

A lovely update, Katrina - what an amazing greenhouse! Your veges are off to a great start and WOW - that orange tree - I have a little girl who would love it if we had one like that in our garden!

Well done to Hannah on making it through the term, I can't believe she is a big school girl now! Hope she enjoys the holidays :o)

Jennifer x

P.S. I have had an email sitting in my drafts box for you for about 2 months now! Must get that sent... :o)

Von said...

What a lovely, productive garden! I'll admit to a little envy of your greenhouse - so cute!

Bev said...

what a lovely garden and all those sweet looking oranges, lots of freshly squeezed at your house!! xx

Charlie and Wendy said...

Lovely photos, your garden is looking amazing. It has been very spring-like here too!

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