Monday, January 28, 2013

The Weekend

Hi everyone

Happy Monday - I hope you've enjoyed the weekend. Many thanks for the lovely comments left about the Stitcher's Heart, I just love hearing from everyone.

We had a really good weekend, lots of fun and laughs at Hannah's disco Friday night, then spending the rest of the weekend hanging out with Donna.

Here's a little sewing project I finished on Friday - I've been spotting these thread catchers being made up on lots of blogs so thought I'd have a go myself. The pattern can be found in the Red Home book by Natalie Bird. Very simple and quick, I think these would make lovely gifts.

Donna and I at one of the local cafes, they make the best coffee and even better that its half price on Sunday mornings. 

Zoe and Hannah before the disco on Friday night - what a great event put on by the local library and council staff. Over 500 local children participated in the summer reading programme and there must have been at least half present, plus parents on Friday evening. Every child received a new book, a certificate and a medal, and then there was a free barbeque followed by the disco. Hannah had a ball!

Another hot day yesterday and out came "Henry the octopus", the sprinkler

And an update on our green house - Glenn is now making a front door - it's currently being painted so should be ready to be installed very soon.

He's also recently put in some shelves, made a little trolley for all the pots, etc, and I'm not sure if I've shown a pic of the workbench?

The tomato plants are now as tall as us!

We've had some of the first ripe tomatoes over the past few days - lots more to come!

Hannah's little strawberry planter has been doing well too, next summer we're going to put in another one or two.

Lastly for today, a pic of my happy place - our swimming pool, which we have been so thankful for over the recent weeks with the terribly hot days of this summer.

See you soon x


Melissa said...

That green house looks fab! But probably not as fab as the pool, as you say, for your hot weather. It's nice to see some summery weather as we drift our way through the dark days of winter!

The library event sounds like such a treat!

Lovely bag that you made, and RED too!

Elizabeth said...

Great Photos Katrina. The girls looked stunning on their way to the disco. Anniversary weekend up here in Auckland and I am ashambed to say apart from doing the dusting I have been VERY LAZY.

Thoeria said...

Lovely piccies :) Your girls are adorable. And One day I'm going to get a veggie garden day :)

Solstitches said...

Lovely pictures.
The greenhouse looks great. I can almost smell those lovely tomatoes fresh from the garden.
Your thread catcher turned out so nice.


Chris said...

Lots of lovely summer things! I love your greenhouse.

Glenna said...

Even though it's freezing here, your greenhouse and pool look so inviting! The tomatoes are huge!

Elke said...

Bei diesen tollen Bildern mit Tomaten wünsche ich mir auch schon es wäre wieder Sommer.
Bei uns hat es -10 Grad und sehr viel Schnee.

Liebe Grüße aus Österreich sendet Elke

Charlie and Wendy said...

Love your thread catcher and your holiday photos are lovely. The green house looks wonderful!

♥ Nia said...

Ohhhh how I wish I had some Sun and that swimming pool over here :D heheheh I love Summer, I love to swim :) And I'm soooo tired of this cold already :p Winter can go away, move on and let Spring take place ;)
Your home garden looks amazing! Huge tomatoes :D And strawberries too? Wonderfull!
Well done on your sewing project, looks really nice :) Congrats!!

Vickie said...

That's a real neat thread catcher. So lovely in your yard. Have fun cooling off. I am cool enough here, thank you very much!!

Maggee said...

Wow! Love the red bag... Bet that book is inspiring! I just smile seeing your summer garden. And ripening tomatoes... wonderful! But the pool---oooh my goodness! Cannot even wrap my head around that right now, especially since we just had snow this past weekend and today and tomorrow are 70 degrees then crash and burn to the 30's! What is going on here?? The girls are real cute! I got my youngest granddaughter one of those sprinklers last summer. She and I had a LOT of fun running through it! I want to do that again and again! Hugs!

Lynn said...

Hannah and Zoe look very smart in their disco attire! Glad they had a good time.
Your ort bag turned out so cute. I love it!
Glenn has done an incredible job on your greenhouse! I would love to have a spot like this for tomatoes, etc or just to get a head start on plants for my garden. A fresh from the garden tomato would be great right about now.

Nicky said...

Lovely post Katrina.....
Your greenhouse looks great, and those tomatoes are doing well, lovely to have fresh ones at hand. I am a little bit envious of that pool, it must be fantastic in this hot weather, so good to be having a good summer this year!

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