Wednesday, November 21, 2012

From the Weekend

Hello friends

This past weekend I finally got to try out my new toy,  a new kitchen mixer that I've been wishing for the longest time, wahoo! 

And what did Hannah and I make for our first recipe test? Our favourite chocolate cake, which was delicious!

Glenn has almost finished the greenhouse - windows are now in, and some trim around the outside,

a new bench went in over the weekend,

Our tomatoes are bolting away and Hannah's strawberries are coming along nicely too.

She can't wait until these few ripen up a bit more!

Glenn has also been working on the swimming pool, and its nearly there, I doubt we'll be swimming before Christmas though, this crazy weather! fine one day, cold and raining the next.

Lastly for today, a couple of roses from my garden, this particular one is my absolute favourite, Blackberry Nip. It has the most gorgeous scent, and it was a gift from Glenn's Nan many years ago.

Have a happy day xx


Susan said...

Wow - your greenhouse is stunning! Love it!

Love your Kenwood mixer - that reminds me of growing up in Australia - my mother had a Kenwood Chef - I thought it was the fanciest thing ever! I got a Kitchenaid mixer for Christmas last year - I hope you get as much enjoyment out of your Kenwood as I do out of my mixer!

Please come over and visit me at my new blog -

Elizabeth said...

Great photos. Love your new toy. I have been telling hubby I want a new one, mine is over 22 years old and I don't think it is working as good as it should. A red one would suit my kitchen. In the process of painting it grey and am having red accessories. Chocolate cake looks delicious.

Lesleyanne said...

Your greenhouse is gorgeous. Love your new toy. The chocolate cake looks yummy.

Chris said...

Lovely things!
The greenhouse is fabulous!!

Vickie said...

Those are precious roses indeed.

Lynn said...

Love your new mixer! This is on my wishlist but first I need a new food processor. Mine is 35 yrs old and on its way out.
Your greenhouse is really lovely! Glenn has done a wonderful job on it.
Your rose is beautiful!! I miss all the roses that my Mom grew in her garden. The climate here is such that they don't always weather the winters well. Where I grew up in Windsor was known as the Rose City. We had so many of them including a climbing rose which covered our back fence.

StitchCat said...

Love your mixer. The decking is looking really great...a lovely place to sit.

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