Monday, September 10, 2012

Snippets from the weekend

Hello friends

Monday morning has rolled around very quickly after a busy few days! Our little town had a Spring Festival so we made the most of the events on to go out and have some fun.

In the main street of town on Saturday there was the Great Chili Cook Off & Street Market, which is held every year at this time. For a donation you could get a small sample and all funds raised went to the charity of the particular team's choice. There were also several market stalls and activities happening for the kids, including the very popular old fire engine, taking people for rides around town.  Hannah and Zoe could have spent all morning on there!

I also spent a few enjoyable hours browsing around the CHB Festival with some friends. This is also annual event and features food, art, hand made crafts, wine and much more.

I was very restrained with my purchases but I did pick up a small leather handbag marked down from $173 to $25!! crazy huh??  I also couldn't resist picking up a white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake from the very popular Yummy Mummy Cheesecakes stall for DH, Hannah and I to share for dessert. Delicious!

The rest of Saturday I spent out in the garden and getting the vegetable garden ready to be planted up with seedlings in a few weeks time. Hannah helped to make a home made pizza for a dinner, she was so funny rolling out the dough and making sure it was just perfect.

Yesterday I continued with my sort out and spring cleaning jobs - sure feels good to cross a few off my list every week.  Hannah and I also helped DH with our little green house, the sides are on now, the roof would have been too but the wind got up and it would have been too dangerous to try and hold it while Glenn attempted to nail it down. I'll have to remember to take a photo next weekend of the progress.

Have a lovely day x

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Vickie said...

Fun times. I love cross things off the list too.

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