Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pocketbook Slippers

Hello friends,

recently it was my lovely sister in law Jude's birthday and I always like to give her a little handmade gift for her birthday. This year I decided to knit some pocketbook slippers and they turned out so cute and snuggly :)

Jude was very impressed with them, once she figured out what they were!  I found the pattern here.

They didn't take long to knit up, only a couple of hours. Great pattern to use up leftover wool. I used 4.5mm knitting needles and not quite a 50g ball of double knit wool. 

Have a great day xx


McKenna C. said...

So cute! Thanks for the pattern!

Melody said...

Those are super neat! I'm sure your SIL will think fondly of you every time she wears them :)

Annie said...

These are cute, but how did you figure out what size to make them and how did you adjust the pattern?

Are you one of those super-knitters who can modify a pattern in wink to make it work for you?

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