Sunday, April 01, 2012

Wine Country Quilts Show

Recently I went on a girls day out with Kath, and our friends Rosie and Janet to the Wine Country Quilt show, held at Pukeora Estate.

There were many gorgeous quilts on display, and of course, always my favourite part, the merchant displays were great to have a look at and make a few purchases:)

I almost bought this pattern and kit - love the colour combination!

Rosie, Kath and Janet

The stunning view we had having our lunch at the cafe

Rosie, Janet and I

This quilt was made entirely from denim jeans the maker had collected from family members and friends

And now for my purchases - I couldn't resist this cute fabric!

A pattern and kit to make up a new thread tidy, nice combination of teal and chocolate coloured fabrics.

I also found this Fa la la la Felt book, which has lots of really cute ornaments, great ideas for kids Christmas ornaments.

I could have bought lots and lots of lovely fabrics but was very restrained hee hee.
We all had a fabulous time, with plenty to see it didn't take long for a few hours to past by.  I must have got all inspired as this week I decided to get my Tail Feathers Block of the Month kit out, ready to make a start :)


Anna Evans said...

That is a great fabric with Matreshka )))


Jennifer M. said...

Love the view you had from the cafe. :) Kudos to you for restraining yourself from making too many purchases. Glad you had a good time with friends.

Jen ;)

Lesleyanne said...

Great new stash. The quilts are gorgeous.

Thoeria said...

The quilts are gorgeous! And love the stash :)

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