Wednesday, April 25, 2012

On the Go

Today it's ANZAC Day here in New Zealand and Australia, a national day of remembrance, to acknowledge the contribution and sacrifice of all those who have served for our country. 

For the first time in many years I didn't attend the local dawn service, as I've been a bit under the weather this week with another cold and sore throat, but all around the country thousands and thousands went along to services to pay tribute to our service men and women. My dear Grandad served during World War II in Italy and the Pacific. He passed away over ten years ago, and as always, today he has been very much in my thoughts.  Lest we forget.

Its been awhile since I shared any progress pics of my stitching and knitting. Right now I have several new projects that I'm working on.

First up, is the Mystery Sampler by With Thy Needle. It has been a slow start as I get used to stitching on the 35ct linen :)

I'm also stitching away on what is going to be a birth sampler for our littlest niece Sally, who is turning one year old in a few weeks time.  This design, by Anne Regnier of Tournicoton,  is from Issue 32 September 2008 of the Gift of Stitching magazine.

Next up is a pair of leg warmers for Hannah, pattern found in this knitting booklet. The Jet wool is lovely to knit with.

My other knitting on the go is this jumper for Hannah - this wool knits up very quickly.

I'm going to spend a few hours this afternoon having a good sort through my card making and paper craft supplies. I had a major sort out last weekend with all my other sewing, knitting and craft supplies and was able to find a new home for 6 bags of all sorts of odds and ends that I no longer want - that sure felt good!

See you soon xx


Lesleyanne said...

Gorgeous stitching and knitting.

Veronica said...

Beautiful stitching, Katrina. I love the soft colours in your Mystery Sampler. Your knitted projects looks so pretty too.


Nurdan said...
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Nurdan said...

Dear Katrina,

Regarding the ANZAC Day, I' d like to contribute your post by adding a link of one of the daily newspaper where you can see photos of ANZAC Day in Gallipolli or Canakkale/ Turkey.

This date is known in Turkey as "Commemorate day of Anzac" and Turkey receives hundreds of young Australians and Zealander for joining dawn ceremony in order to vail in front of their grand fathers and unknown soldiers' memories from both sides.

Today also thousands have participated into down ceremony from both sides as well.

If the link will not appaer please go to if you want to check today's photos


Chris said...

Beautiful stitching!
Feel better soon.

stitcheranon said...

Lovely stitching and I really like the colours of the wool you have used.sunie Theistai

Krista said...

Lots of great WIPs! Your stitching is lovely.

Sally said...

Lovely stitching and knitting :)

Karoline said...

They all look lovely, great progress

Lynn said...

Great start! You're doing really well on the 35ct. I will be starting mine as soon as I finish Feather Your Nest.
We have such similar tastes. I also have this Tournicoton design. I thought it was so cute with the strawberries and the kitten!

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