Friday, September 09, 2011

Spring is here

Spring has well and truly arrived and we've been enjoying the lovely weather this week. We even had our first barbeque of the season last night!

Hannah is loving being outside as much as she can. We picked up one of my niece Zoe's old bikes the other day so she spent most of the weekend riding up and down the driveway - I tell you, she goes so fast!

She's pretty good at wearing her helmet too, this pic was taken before she put it on. We don't even have to remind her about it.

I hope this lovely weather stays around for the coming weekend - its the local spring festival here in town and this year there's lots of extra events planned to coincide with the Rugby world cup starting. You can read more about it here.

See you soon xz


Mad about Craft said...

We are going to have to wait 5-6 months to see those again.

Tatkis said...

Cute and bright pictures! Congratulations with such a nice spring!


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