Tuesday, August 09, 2011

A Stitchey Saturday & New Starts

This past Saturday afternoon I spent a few hours with my stitching buds,Clare, Janet and Kath (left to right in the photo). It had been awhile since our last get together and we had a wonderful time, as we usually do!

I've been working on a few new stitching projects this week :

Bringing Home the Tree - Little House Needleworks, which Kath and I chose for our next LHN Ornie of the month

I was able to find out from Clare on Saturday the size of the fabric needed for my latest start, Jardin Prive's Sampler au Bouquets. Clare had been stitching on hers during our winter retreat and I couldn't resist purchasing this one myself!

I'd actually got alot further along on this Saturday than what shows in the pic but I realised about 9pm Sat night that some of my first stitches were completely out of place!! ggggrrrrrr, so out came a few good hours of stitching!

I'm home from work this afternoon with Hannah as her caregiver was attending a funeral today. We've been making the most of a sunny day - Hannah's been playing around outside on her bike, and blowing bubbles, and our lawns are now freshly mowed. I think its time for a coffee and maybe some stitching :)

See you soon xx


Sarah said...

I love your stitching choices, I'm going to have to look up the Jardin Prive Sampler! So pretty.

Happy Stitching :)

Lynn said...

I love both of your new starts! The LHN ornament is one of my favourites from this year's releases and I'm a big fan of Jardin Prive. This one is already waiting for me in my stash. I'm really going to enjoy seeing your progress on this one.

Jackie said...

I'm another one who really loves your ornament choice. I think I have that one around here somewhere...

Susan said...

I've never heard of Jardin Prive, but that sampler is gorgeous!

I'm glad you got to enjoy a stitching day with friends - they're amongst the best ways to spend a weekend.

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Lesley (Home Is Where My Heart Is) said...

Your Jardin Prive is absolutely gorgeous. I love the blue thread, and the LHN is lovely too.

Becky K in OK said...

Are you doing all the Bouquets as one large piece, or are you doing them separately? I saw JP's on Kathy's Sit and Stitch and had to have all three. I haven't decided how I'm going to stitch them though. Great start...the grrrs do get in the way don't they?

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