Monday, August 15, 2011


When my MIL rang last night about 9.30pm and "look outside", we were amazed to see it was actully snowing! The weather service had been predicting snow to low levels all around New Zealand for the weekend and it finally arrived. In all my life it has never snowed in my little town, we've seen snow flurries but they've never lasted long enough to settle on the ground. It was quite magical :)

This morning Hannah was so surprised to see the little bit of snow still on the ground around our house

and on the car

And all the low foothills surrounding our town were completely covered. But not enough snow to stay home from work and daycare, oh dear,nevermind, I thought we going to have our first ever Snow day! lol.


Freddysmama (Kirstin) said...

...and snow in Wellington! How crazy is that!!!

It looks beautiful though :)


Lynn said...

How exciting for you! Although our winters can be bitter cold and snowy I still love the magic of snow and how beautiful things can look covered in it. When we get more than our fill though I'll be happy to ship some your way, lol!

Farm Girl said...

Enjoy the snow! It's been wonderful seeing the smiles on the news, of people who've seen snow falling for the first time. Like being a kid all over again!

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