Sunday, May 01, 2011

Bookarama Time

One of my favourite local events is the annual Bookarama which is held every April in my town. During the year you can donate unwanted books, puzzles, magazines, etc to a local charity so come April there are 1000's to choose from and the proceeds from the sales go to other charity groups.

Both DH and I are big book lovers and it looks like Miss H is heading that way too. I've read to her every single night since she was only a few months old, I couldn't even begin to imagine how many times I've read the Hungry Caterpillar in the last three years! Towards the end of last year we started visiting the local library every Saturday morning to pick out a few stories.

So off I went a few Fridays ago, to queue up at the door of one of the local halls along with 100's of other book lovers. Come 9am it was all on! This year I only found a couple of books for myself but plenty to DH's tastes, which should see him through the winter months, lol.

I recently started reading Lee Child's Jack Reacher series so I was a little bit disappointed not to not find any of these but our library has the whole series. I also came away with a whole pile for Hannah, including a few Little Golden books, some of my childhood favourites, a lucky find.



Sarah said...

Got to love bookarama. I travel back to my hometown once a year especially for ours!

Farm Girl said...

Some great books there, love Tess Gerritsen, and who couldn't love Jack Reacher, the perfect hero! Guess there were none of those because he's so popular. lol
Happy reading!

Marlene said...

What a fantastic idea, I would be in heaven

Nancy said...

That's a great idea!

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