Wednesday, August 04, 2010

This & That Catch Up

Where did July go? I'm still getting my head around the fact that its now August, and our spring is now only a few weeks away. Roll on I say, I can't remember the last time we had a winter that was so wet and cold, and grey skies for days on end. In saying that though, Monday it was a beautiful day here, even slightly warm, ha ha.

For the past week, Hannah and I have been having some "girl time" as DH has been away in Australia. Lucky him ay? He arrives home later today, hopefully with some pressies with us, lol. We've really missed him but we have been kept busy by being invited out to dinner a couple of times, catching up with friends, and also having a lovely day out on Saturday with my Mum and niece Zoe and a friend of ours.

There's not been alot of crafting going on these past few days so I thought I'd share a few of new my purchases and some framing I've had done recently.

So first up is some new woolie goodness - some hanks of double knit wool from the Wool Company:

amethyst, flamingo, cyclamen, cherry and watermelon

I'd read alot about this lovely wool on Ravelry and some kiwi blogs - and the service is very impressive - I ordered one day and it was here the next. This is all for future knitting projects for either Hannah or Zoe :)

Next up is something I've been wishing for a long time, a set of circular needles. How could I resist this set? I think its pretty fab :) Once again, I placed an order for them, this time from the Yarn Queen, and it was here the next day.

My current knitting project on the go, is the Falling Water Scarf, found here at Ravelry. Not sure if this will be a gift or for me yet. I'm using the Wool Company's 4ply raspberry.

Last week I received back some framing I had done by a friend.
My Quaker Lady

a close up of the moulding

The baby sampler I stitched a few months ago

and a close up of the moulding

Once again my friend has done a superb job. My Quaker Lady was meant to go up in my stitching/computer studio but its now hanging on the lounge wall :)

I've got a couple of stitching projects near completion, one being a Christmas gift for my Mum, and another a gift for a friend, and I'm hoping to have the ornament I chose for July, which is all stitched, made up one night this week. So I'll be back soon with some pics......
Thanks for stopping by today,


Deborah said...

Your finishes are beautiful, especially quaker lady. I just love her.

Rowyn said...

Quaker Lady looks gorgeous framed, as does the birth sampler.

Have fun with that wool - love the bright colours.

Giovanna said...

Absolutely gorgeous framing by your friend! Love your finish and the picture of Hannah in the previous post too, don't know how I missed that...

Farm Girl said...

Love your framed finishes - beautiful! Your new wool is gorgeous, I have been watching a friend knitting on circular needles and it all looks quite intriguing. Your new knitting project looks great.

staci said...

Your new wool looks yummy! Have fun playing with it and your new needles :) Love that scarf project, the color is so vibrant!

And your framed pieces are really gorgeous!!!

Jan said...

Katrina, your framed finishes are so lovely...congratulations! And we can certainly send you some warm weather, if you would like! It has been a horridly hot summer in the states!!

Karoline said...

Great framing Katrina and the wool is scrumptious

Suzanne said...

Beauitful framing on your pieces. I love the colours of that wool.

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