Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Winter Bugs

Hello friends, well I'm finally back in the land of the living after spending much of the past week sniffing and coughing my heart out. I thought I was doing so well to have so far escaped picking up any of the nasty germs this winter that seem to have hit every second person I know but my luck run out once Hannah got sick, then DH, and then finally I succumbed last Tuesday. Talk about the house of misery!

Anyways, fingers crossed thats been our share for the rest of winter and roll on the warmer, drier (too much rain all the time!!) weather of spring.

A friend recently celebrated a birthday so I made some fingerless gloves to keep her hands toasty and warm.

Seven Deadly Sins Wrist Warmers
pattern found here
Patons Jet Wool

Not long ago I'd bought myself a new scarf, in magenta pink, and it makes me happy everytime I wear it so I couldn't resist knitting another pair of hot pink fingerless gloves to match :)

Pattern found here

We have had the odd day here and there of sunshine recently and Hannah can't wait to get outside to play after being couped up inside. I found her exploring in our front rockery garden and she was quite happy to pose for me.

Hannah, July 2010

I have a couple of stitching finishes to share but will save them for another post. Thanks for stopping by today :)
~Katrina ~


Giovanna said...

I'm a great fan of fingerless gloves. Both of these pairs are lovely, well done! I hope you're all ok again after the illness - it's so surreal to read about winter stuff like gloves and colds when it's so hot here in the other hemisphere.

Little Kiwi Chick said...

Sorry to hear you've all been sick! Hannah is growing up so fast! She is such a pretty little thing! I actually went back in your archives and read your posts from when she was first born... Since my life is all about babies right now I was interested to see what you had written back then! :o)

Suzanne said...

I hope that you are all feeling better. It's the worst when the whole houshold is sick. Love the gloves.

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