Thursday, March 11, 2010

Works in Progress

Howdy folks! Well, another week is zooming on by, and I'm happy to say that we're all over the recent germies that decided to visit with us. Now if only I could grab some extra sleep sometime, roll on the weekend I say!

Lately I've been knitting in the evenings as a magazine pattern book that I'd ordered ages ago finally arrived in the mail from the States. I couldn't resist starting this adorable shrug pattern for Miss H :)

This raspberry wool is just gorgeous. Another knitting wip that I have on the go is this sweet cardigan, once again for Miss H.

I have been stitching too, and here's where I'm at with My Quaker Lady.

I also have an ornie finish too but thats currently in the process of being made up so will share a pic when its done.

Now onto DH's "works in progress". You might recall that we're in the process of some major extension work to our home. DH, as well as his Dad, and another friend, spent last weekend doing the big stuff - putting windows into the new part, transferring the sliding door over and pulling down the wall in the lounge/kitchen that needed to be removed. And what a huge mess it created, even with everything packed away, there was dust everywhere! Several hours later, it was liveable again, hee hee.

So here's where we're at presently- from this photo you can see the new room thats been added and where the carpet ends is all the new area.

The view from the outside, please excuse the dirty windows!!

I was very excited last night as Glenn started working on his plan for our new kitchen! He'd recently told me it was probably going to be done next summer but I think its now on the agenda for very soon!

A big thanks for all the comments about Sailing Home - I'm hoping to find a suitable frame for it when I'm out and about this weekend. Thanks for coming by!


Melissa said...

Wow, the new addition looks great. It's nice to get all that new space and light.

I love those little sweaters that you are knitting. And the stitchy girl looks great. I see a Pink theme happening!

Deb said...

The new addition looks wonderful. I'll be you'll be so happy to have it completed so you can enjoy it! And a new kitchen - well, what woman doesn't want a new kitchen! :)

Love the sweaters! I love seeing sweaters for children. I used to make them for my kids when they were little, then fizzled out and never made more than a couple for me. There is just something about those little knitted outfits.

corinna said...

great house plans and changes,
the knit works are going to be cute,
and stitching looks good!

Jan said...

You are really making progress on the renovations. The sweaters are darling. Can't wait to see them on the model! Jan

Alison said...

Those knits are gorgeous - Hannah will look so pretty in them. Good luck with the rest of the building work.

Litla Skvís said...

Beautiful knitting! And WOW on the new addition! So nice! Can I come over? ;)

Linda litlaskvis

Lynn said...

Your addition looks lovely! Having just gone through kitchen renovations I know just how much of a mess you end up with. We took down a wall as well. I think I'm still finding drywall dust!

Farm Girl said...

How exciting - house renovations! Your knitting and stitching is lovely as always. If you had a moment sometime would you mind e-mailing me at nickyw76 at yahoo dot com I have a query regarding a danybrod pattern you stitched. Thanks, Nicky

Lisa said...

Looks beautiful. It's so nice to come by and see you again. Somehow I was not a follower (some of my links got broken because I have over 500 blogs on my list lol) but I typed in stitchiekiwi...hmmm...that didn't look like you. As it turns out, though, she had a link to your blog from a 2007 needleroll-a-long. :) So yay! And now I'm a follower and won't miss another thing.

Suzanne said...

Your knitting progress is lovely. The colour of the wool is beautiful.

Wow, you certainly are getting a lot more space. What a great hubby to bring the kitchen renovations forward.

Jackie said...

You've made a lot of progress on MLQ. I really like the raspberry yarn. The other one looks like sherbet.

I love watching renovations unfold. I hope you'll continue to post in progress pics.

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