Sunday, January 10, 2010

Its Berry Time Progress

My main stitching project over my holiday break has been Its Berry Time by Blackbird Designs. I'm using the recommended threads, Crescent Colours Wild Berries and the fabric too, R & R Iced Cappuccino.

I had a wee bit of a disaster when I first started - I was stitching on the alphabet at the top when I realised, hang on a minute I'm going to run out of fabric at the side! Somehow I'd managed to turn my qsnaps and had been stitching on it the wrong way around. Urrgggh, I had about 12 hours of stitching to unpick. I nearly abandoned it and started something else but decided to perservere with the unpicking and then restarted again New Year's eve.

I guess I'm about a third done, so I'm not going to finish it before going back to work tomorrow like I'd planned to, but it won't be far off being completed.

Last night I spent a few hours sorting through my stash bins, organising some up and coming projects, and filing away patterns and threads from the end of last year's stitching finishes. On the agenda over the next few months, I've got three baby samplers to do, two of which I'm being paid for, so will need to get onto them as soon as I can. I've also picked out a couple of small Shepherd's Bush kits to work on as well as picking out some of my 2010 Christmas ornaments. It feels good to have a stitching plan worked out, lol.

Before I go, I wanted to answer a couple of questions left for me last week:

Karyn asked me what its like to celebrate Christmas and New Year during summer - its great fun. Having holidays during the hot summer means for us lots of barbeques, ice cream, going to the beach, swimming in our new pool, summer sales in the shops (lol) and my favourite treat, strawberries! Children here in New Zealand are on their long summer break from school, from mid December to late January usually. I have to say it does seem really strange that here we are melting away some days, when on the other side of the world its bitterly cold with record snow falls and rain.

Denise asked who the designer is of the Noel Christmas ornament is that my friend gave me - Clare told me its JBW Design's Wreath and she stitched it on 4oct linen with one thread.

Well, that me for today, now I'm going to make a coffee and sit with my stitching for a few hours, making the most of my last free day before the holidays are over.

Hugs x


Giovanna said...

Having stitched this recently, this looks so familiar - except I started on the opposite side, lol. Isn't that thread pretty? I loved using it. It looks great, Katrina. Sorry to read that you had to unpick and start over.

Kim B said...

That must have been so frustrating! It looks great, though. Your perseverance paid off.

Blu said...

That was lousy having to unpick 12 hours! But aren't you glad you restarted? It looks great!

Suzanne said...

Oooh I hate when that happens. I have done it several times. Your piece is looking lovely.

Susan said...

Great progress on your berry basket - it's really lovely.

My parents are going to be visiting New Zealand this week - they are taking a 14 day cruise from Melbourne around New Zealand and back home again. I'm so envious - I've stopped in Auckland at the airport enroute to and from Australia, but I've never actually *visited* New Zealand.

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