Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Whats Going On Here...

Thanks so much for the comments about the stockings - I am really chuffed to have them finally made up, and I really appreciate hearing from you.

Because I don't have any stitchey news to post today I thought I'd talk about whats been happening around our house lately:)

About this time last year Glenn and I began discussing the possibly of extending the front of our house somehow and that got the ball rolling. So we had some plans drawn up for adding a room out from our dining room, and extending the lounge, which would then also enlarge our kitchen. (For my readers that might not know, Glenn is a qualified joiner and he built our house, about 13 years ago now, with the assistance from his Dad, who is a carpenter, and my Dad, who is a painter/decorator by trade. Handy ay? lol).

Before Christmas last year Glenn dismantled part of the deck that leads out from our lounge and dining room, and slowly over recent months he got the area ready to pour the concrete foundations for the extension. Since early October he's been out there every weekend, working away, and last Saturday his Dad Cliff helped him to get some framing done.

In this photo you can see our sliding doors that lead out to deck and from the first one, this is how far the room is being extended. Where the second door is, that whole wall is being removed to make way for the new room.

I'll share some more progress pics as the extensions move along. And not only are we gaining more living space but sometime in the next future, Glenn will be putting in a new kitchen too. Wahoo, can't wait. Not that there's anything wrong with the one we have now but it will be wonderful to have some more cupboard space and a walk in pantry.

The other big happening around here is that we are putting in a swimming pool! Ever since I was a little girl, I've dreamed of having my own swimming pool. As kids over the summer months, my younger brother and I spent every weekend either at the local pool, at the river or beach, or at a relatives pool, we were real water babes thats for sure. On Thursday last week I arrived home from work to find this digger sitting in our back yard.

By mid Friday, the hole was completely finished and the dirt cleared away.

Glenn put up the fencing temporarily to stop a little girl from getting to close to the edge - its quite a deep hole. Hannah is absolutely fascinated by the whole thing, I can't wait until she sees what's actually going to be in there!

So as you can imagine, its going to be all go here over the coming summer months but also very exciting for us.

'Til next time, take care xx


dixiesamplar said...

Very nice...I know you will enjoy the extra space, and a new kitchen to boot!!

The pool is shaping up nicely as, when is the "pool party"...I wanna come!

P.S. I loved the post of your stocking finish...they are beautiful and definitely heirloom pieces!!


Barbara said...

Hmmm, all the new room to the house and a pool besides, I love pools, got room to add a 73 year old greatgrandma to your home??? grin. BarbM

CindyMae said...

WOW, you have all kinds of stuff going on!! It will be almost like living in a new home once it is all complete. I look forward to seeing some progress photos!

Suzanne said...

How exciting to have all this work going on and a new pool as well!

Von said...

Looks like there will be many happy days ahead for you and your family! Hurray!

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