Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Back Home

Hello folks, well, I'm back home from my little trip away last week. I went to Rotorua with a bunch of my staff and clients from work for our biannual trip away. Our clients, and the staff too, had fundraised really hard over recent months to be able to do lots of great things while we were there so we had a blast!

You might remember that just last month, Glenn, Hannah and I spent a day in Rotorua on our holiday. Well, compared to then the weather was just perfect this time around, lol.

This is the view from the top of the gondala looking over the town of Rotorua.

We enjoyed lots of different activities and sightseeing and one of the highlights for me was the "duck" tour - this vehicle can go onto the lake and cruise around, and also drive around town, it was awesome fun and our tour driver was hilarious!

We went to a farming show at the Agrodome - check out the size of some of these sheep, especially Prince the merino, in the top row

Wendy, my co-worker, and I checking out one of the locals at the farm.

Of course, a trip out of the town is always a good excuse for some stash shopping. I found some pretty fat quarters for Hannah's hexagon quilt, and I'm not sure what I'll use the blue fabric for, hee hee.

I also picked up some pure New Zealand wool to add to my ever increasing wool stash. I'm planning to use some of this to knit some doll's clothes for my niece Zoe.

I found this interesting Chrismasy craft magazine, it has some really quick but cool things to make.

One of the projects are these yo yo ornaments, they look like fun to make, umm, I wonder if I can squeeze a few of these in over the next few weeks!

I have had a small stitching finish this week but as its for a gift, it will have to remain secret for a few more weeks. I hope to have some pics to share later in the week of the Shepherd's Bush stockings I've been sewing, I've only got the top bands to attach now.

Thanks for all your wonderful comments, I really enjoy hearing from you. Until next time, have a good few days.



Brigitte said...

Great pictures of Rotorua. And great new stash for crafting and knitting.

Lana said...

Glad you had a good trip...those ornaments look like fun!!

Claire said...

Great Photo's,Glad you had a good trip.

Suzanne said...

Great photos of your trip! I love those ornaments, they look like fun to make.

Andrea said...

Looks and sounds like you had a good trip. Lotsof great stash too.

Wendy said...

Great photos from your trip! And I had to tell you - I have one of those yo-yo ornaments that I hang on my Xmas tree every year. I bought it about 20 years ago from someone at a craft show. There is a tiny wee bell that hangs from the centre of the bottom-most yo-yo. I love it!!

Vinniey said...

It looks like you had a wonderful trip! And good shopping too. Thanks for sharing. :)

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