Monday, October 19, 2009

"Just Because" & Holiday Stitching

Our holiday week went by in a blink! I'll share some photos from our trip away in my next post - we had a wonderful, relaxing time. And even though the weather wasn't very good,lots of drizzly rain and cold, we were still able to get out and about with Hannah, she had so much fun :)

When we arrived home on Saturday, there was a little parcel waiting for me that had crossed the ditch from my buddy Anne. I'm a lucky girl as she sent me one of her gorgeous fobs, in my favourite colours too, and Anne also sent some pretty threads and needles. Thanks again so much Anne, I can't wait to attach the fob to my scissors :)

Isn't it so pretty?

I spent one of my holiday afternoons sitting at my sewing machine and made up a couple of small projects I'd finished recently, including my September and October Christmas ornaments.

This one is for my niece Zoe, my favourite ornie from the 2009 JCS magazine.

Joy - Midsummer Night Musings

Just Cross Stitch Ornaments Magazine 2009

And another ornie for the collection of ornaments that will be going out to family and friends very soon.

Prancer - JBW Designs (stitched over 2)
Just Cross Stitch Ornaments Magazine 2004

I always like to pick a special project to stitch over a holiday break and this was my choice, Shepherd's Bush My Pins, a little kit that had everything in it, and it stitched up very quickly.

At the moment, two of the trees lining our driveway are in full bloom, this is one of the Snowball trees.

Just gorgeous, and hopefully the wind that we usually get late October will stay away, so we can enjoy the pretty flower balls a bit longer.

Til next time, keep smiling xx


Tessa said...

I love those snowball trees, I call them pom pom trees. My DH won't let me plant one, apparently they make too much mess? But they are sooooo pretty :)

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Cute ornie finishes, congrats. I especially love the teenie rick rack on prancer. The SB kit turned out lovely too. CJ ok;-)

mainely stitching said...

Isn't Anne super!!!

Love your recent stitching. I just did Prancer a little while ago, too, but need to finish-finish him. ;)

Cathy B said...

Glad you enjoyed your holiday week! Your ornaments look wonderful. Great job!

Linda K's Creativity Works said...

I love your Blog...your stitching as well as your finishes are really beautiful. You do a great job in finishing.

I am one of your followers now too on your Blog.

Take care & Happy Stitching
Linda K

Kim B said...

What a sweet gift! And your finishing is fantastic!

staci said...

Adorable've really got a great start!

Von said...

Lovely projects, Katrina! And keep the pics of spring blooms coming as I'm dreading the onset of winter here in the N Hemi. :)

Claire said...

Love the scissor fob gift:).Your Ornaments look great.

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