Thursday, February 05, 2009

This week's Finishes

I stitched a couple of freebie patterns up earlier in the week:

Sweet as the Flower -
Midnight Summer Musings
can be found here

Emmanuel -
Plum Street Samplers
can be found here
This year I'm going to be involved in a round robin for With My Needle's Ackworth Friendship book so I finally got my supplies out last night to get myself organised. I've chosen to use the suggested threads, Crescent Colours Milady's Teal, and 36ct Flax edinborough linen. I'm hoping to get a start on my part over the coming weekend.

Many thanks for the comments on my recent finishes, I really appreciate them.Thanks for stopping by and a big hi to all the new posters to my blog, lovely to hear from you :)


Dianne said...

Your blog looks great, by the way! I love all of your finishes and your upcoming project! I think that Milady's Teal is such a great color!

Carolyn said...

Lovely finishes, Katrina and thank you for the links!

I have the same With My Needle project kitted up and have for over a year. hhmmm....kitted up does not get it stitched, does it? I think a RR is a perfect solution. I look forward to seeing the progress on it. BTW I chose the same color as you. I love Milady's Teal. :)

Marie-P said...

I love Freebies and thank you for posting the link! you did a great job.

Ackworth Friendship Book is such a nice design, I look forward to seeing your progress.

Kathy said...

Gorgeous finishes Katrina. Love the new piece you have too, looking forward to seeing this one stitched up.

hugs xxxx

Leah said...

Those freebies are really cute!

Brigitte said...

Those little freebie finishes look so great, the pictures just motivate me and I'd like to start on them immediately, lol.
I love your next project and am looking forward to seeing the first pictures.

Susan said...

I really love Emmanuel! Congratulations on the finishes!

Fei said...

nice finishes you've done! I think I'll stitch the freebies someday X) good luck on the friendship book. it will look great!

Zeb said...

Kia ora :)
Aucklander here, and lurker reader via Google Reader. Thought I'd come out and start commenting a bit more.
The Emmanuel is lovely, and I have already bought the threads for it and will start stitching this weekend!

Cindy said...

Love those freebies! Great stitching on them both. Looking forward to seeing your progress on the RR!

Andrea said...

Lovely finishes. Love the choice for the RR.

Ranae said...

Those freebies are fabulous, Thanks for the links
BTW, LK Christmas flip-its turned out gorgeous.

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