Saturday, December 20, 2008

From Carol

In todays mail came a little parcel of goodies from Carol :) Oh, Carol, I love everything. Carol stitched this little JBW Designs ornie for me, its just gorgeous, and its really neat how Carol has finished it with the beaded edging.

And the rest of the package was just as wonderful, including a kit from my wishlist :)

Thanks so much Carol, once again you have totally spoilt me with these little gifties.
Now, to answer a couple of questions left recently in my comments:
- for Dawn, Anne tells me the lovely ornie she stitched for me is a Full Circle Design from the 2007 JCS Xmas ornie issue.
- several of you have asked about the quilted star fabric ornaments and if there's a pattern for them, there isn't but if I get time over my holiday break I'll see if I can make up a little tutorial for those that are interested :)
thanks for stopping by, and all the wonderful comments left about my ornies!
bye for now,


Carol said...

My pleasure Katrina - I always have fun putting your little Xmas packages together ;-) I thought you might like JBW Designs - they are always a bit elegant. Merry Xmas, dear friend!

Linda said...

Ow, I discovered your blog last evening, and have so enjoyed reading it. Your ornaments are a feast for the eyes. I love the quilted star ornies, and would be thrilled if you did a tutorial.

stitcherw said...

Wow, you've been busy this week. I loved reading through all your posts and seeing the great pictures. Looks like everyone's been having a lot of fun, and some wonderful stitching and finishing has been getting done. Your ornaments look fantastic. My favorites were the square shapped ones that kind of looked like they were overstitched onto maybe felt? Like Jingle Sparkle Joy. How did you do those?

Carol's ornament looked wonderful with the beading as the extra touch, what a fun surprise to get. Glad you're having such a good time over the holidays,

Pike said...

So much great stuff! Merry Christmas!

Andrea said...

A wonderful package from Carol, the ornamnet is gorgeous.

Squazi said...

A wonderful exchange and a very cute ornament. Merry Christmas!

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