Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Couple of Questions and a Link or two

As I don't have any stitching to share today, I thought I'd answer a couple of questions I've been asked recently:

Floss (hey, its great to "meet" another kiwi blogger!!) - for Wedding Row, I used the required Weeks Dye Works Threads and I think I recall stitching it on 32ct summer khaki Belfast, one of my favourite fabric colours.

for Margaret - I'm probably going to finish the Sampler Gameboard to hang on the wall, hence I decided to stitch all the motifs up the right way.

and for Sue, I'm not sure how big Spring Violets will turn out but I think it might be at least 30cm x 20cm. I'm actually wondering if my fabric for it is 28ct.


And I thought I'd also share a couple of interesting tidbits of some sites I found recently as well:

A new Quaker Inspired Blog for Quaker fans

A recently finished Peacock Stitching Chair

and check out this beautiful biscornu and Anita's recently finished one - I've had these freebies printed off for ages but now after seeing these, they are going on my to do soon list straight away.


This coming weekend is supposed to be the monthly needleroll stitchalong but I was wondering if anyone would mind terribly if I moved it back to the weekend of 13th-15th April? I've got my cousin staying and I'm not sure how much stitching time I'll actually get. Hope thats ok.

Time to get a move on - enjoy your day :)


Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Hi Katrina, thanks for the fun links! I really enjoyed the pictures on the new Quaker blog and seeing the finished stitching chair up close.

Your Christmas ornies turned out so very nice! Have a great day.

Jenna said...

Cool! I'm glad to see that someone finished the chair already. I really want to start that one soon, but I haven't decided what color of "upholstery" I want to use. ;)

The Silver Thistle said...

Thanks for the links to the biscornu's. I love the first one on black, so lush!

I've got the peakcock chair kit sitting here winking at no starts

stitcherw said...

Fun links, and thanks for the note on the size of Violets. I've been looking at that pattern, and as I like to stitch on 28ct, it gives me an idea of the size it would finish up as. Have fun with your cousin.

Floss said...

Thanks Katrina - I have the threads all ready to go but just need to buy the fabbie - and there's nowhere in ChCh to get it anymore. Thank goodness for the internet!

Carol said...

LOL - did you know when you posted this that the black Chatelaine biscornu you linked from the Design Group was stitched by me? I don't think you read my blog anymore... miss ya!

Margaret said...

Thanks for your GB info Katrina. I have the pattern but now have to make some decisions before starting it I think.
Lilah looks interesting - will add it to my 'to read' list.
Happy Easter.

Goldie said...

I think that's only the 2nd chair that I've seen actually finished! Thanks for the links! Carol's biscornu is gorgeous!

Von said...

Include my thanks for the links too! Carol's biscornus on the black fabric is truly stunning!

Happy Easter!

AnneS said...

Thanks for the great links - I have to admit I really fell in love with Carol's biscornu on the black as well ... it's a real stunner! Unfortunately I won't be able to join you for the needleroll SAL yet again (I'm starting to get withdrawal symptoms!), as I'll be in Perth next weekend doing the CA Wells thing ... by hook or by crook I'll be doing the May SAL, even if I have to do it during the week! ;)

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