Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Memes for Stitchers

I've got a bit of time this afternoon to fill in before a meeting starts so thought I'd catch up on some Stitching Memes.

1. Have you ever participated in a SAL on one of the BB's or with people in RL?
How did it go?
I've done several stitchalongs over recent years, several with online friends and several with Kath. I think they are a great idea as I've meet some awesome people through participating in them, including Carol and Dani. They are great for inspiration and help to keep you motivated to get a project done, especially when you have to report in regularly and share pics of your progress. Once the fabric arrives, Karen V and I are hoping to SAL Indigo Rose's Peekaboo Pincushion.

What "rules" do you make for yourself regarding your stitching? (These can include finishes, starts, purchases, rotations, hours, fabrics, flosses, etc, etc..)
Katrina's "rules" for stitching:
- I never sit to stitch when I know there's housework, bookwork, cooking dinner, etc to be done otherwise I'll get the "guilts"
- at the end of a stitching session I always put my stitching away into its mesh bag and into my stitching basket.
- I try to stick to some sort of rotation method and won't start any new projects while I've got several others on the go.
- exchange stitching, or obligation stitching always gets a priority when setting monthly stitching goals
- my stitching journal is my "stitching bible" where I record my monthly goals, finishes, new starts, any designs that I'd like to stitch one day. I also record details about exchanges, have a list of finishing to needs to be done, all finishes and dates, have a notebook for "wishes" and supplies needed for up and coming projects.... can you tell I'm an "organising freak"!!!
- I always start a new project on the 1st day of each new year and like to start and finish a small project during my annual holidays in January

Do you have an online gallery somewhere with your cross-stitch?
yes, a webshots one and it seriously needs updating!! lol. (Link in my sidebar)

How often do you take WIP pics?
maybe once or twice a week, depending on which project I'm working on

Do you ever spend time looking at other stitcher's galleries? If so how often do you look at them?
I spend hours looking at stitching albums, as thats where I get alot of inspiration for finishing ideas or projects that I'd like to stitch myself someday. I can quite often come across a design that maybe I've liked for awhile and then to see it actually stitched confirms how nice it really is.

How do you store your floss?
I have a bobbin of each floss stored in trays in a wooden box that my father in law Cliff made me several years ago. Spares of different colours are stored in a plastic zip lock bag. Speciality flosses are in individual flossaway bags on rings, and these are in a huge basket myMum gave me last year.

Do you keep a complete set of DMC?
Yes, and extras.

Do you buy new floss to "kit" up new projects or do you use out of a master set?
I try to use out of my main set but if I kit several projects up at the same time I'll purchase new threads. I like to have full skeins kitted when stitching a bigger project, like a Mirabilia for example.

What projects are on your WIP list for June?
Little House Needleworks - Coffee Menu
Shepherds Bush - Wandering Shepherd
Chatelaine - Stitching Leporello
and one other which I can't say at its a gift.

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