Thursday, May 19, 2005

Week 3 SAL progress

my progress on the Celtic Band Sampler as of last night

Image hosted by

Dani and Carol, please help me, I'm enjoying this one so much, I want to stitch on it every day! LOL. I shall be good though and put it away until next week. Tonight I plan to work on the Emerald Mermaid as she has been a bit neglected the past fortnight. I'm also going to kit up the freebie I plan to stitch for the freebie SAL on the Needle and Thread board, an Indigo Rose one, and I also need to kit up the supplies to get ready to start the stitched piece for my Seasonal Exchange, which will become my weekend stitching project.


Carol said...

It looks great Katrina! I have decided to work on mine tomorrow night - I have so little done compared to you and Dani :-) I am no stickler for rules - doubt Dani is either - stitching is supposed to be fun, right ? ;-)

Karen said...

Katrina, it looks amazing! I've not really been interested in this design before now, but I love the way yours is looking so far :)


tkdchick said...

Katrina you're making awesome progress! I'd love to work on mine some more too!!! Its an addictive piece and I imagine it would stitch up quickly if working on it every day.

Its a tough descision what to stitch on ... the sub or cletic???

But I'm looking forward to this Monday, its a day off for us! So I can stitch ALL DAY LONG!

Maggie Ann said...

Love the color combination.

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