Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Birthday Pressies

During the weekend was my birthday, so I'm now officially over the hill as one friend kindly told me, lol. I received some lovely gifts - my parents bought me a lovely beaded necklace, and some office organiser supplies for my office, as well as treating me to a facial and manicure later this week. Glenn bought me a new stereo system with outdoor speakers so when we are outside enjoying a barbeque or drink on our deck we can blast our music really loud, lol. Glenn's parents gave me a bottle of perfume, a Revlon one called Love Her Madly, which is quickly becoming a favourite! I also got some chocolates, book vouchers, another lovely necklace and earring set, two Espirt tops, and a small handbag to add to my collection. I think my friend Tracey thinks I have a handbag fetish, lol.

I also received some wonderful stitched gifts from a couple of friends which I think are just gorgeous
Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

from my friend Kath

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Aries Cattitude stitched by my friend and co-worker Wendy.

I had a lovely birthday, and was truly spoilt. I spent most of the day at home, just pottering around, and then in the afternoon my parents, Glenn's parents and a couple of friends came around for dinner. The "girls" watched a dvd - the Notebook, while snacking on popcorn, marshmellows and chips & dip! The guys were relegated to the garage, lol.

Stitchingwise, I'm pleased to report that Real Roses is finally done, and I will have a pic to share later. Its now away being framed, as well as the Petal Fairy, in time for my stitching group's annual exhibition in a few weeks time. On Sunday night I started a small Sweetheart Tree kit that I was given for Christmas, Victorian Violets, which might be finished in the next day or two as its a fairly quick stitch.

And I think my order from Stitching Bits and Bobs might be on its way too (but I won't get my hopes up, lol) as when I checked the order status earlier on it said it was being packaged for shipping. I really splashed out with this order and was able to cross off quite a few patterns and threads on my wish list, there goes the cross stitch diet!!


Kiwi Jo said...

A belated Happy Birthday Katrina!! You got some nice pressies.

tkdchick said...

Hey Kiwi SAL partner! A HUGE happy birthday to you!!! Happy Birthday Dear Katrina (::Dani sings terribly out of tune::), Happy Birth Day to youuuuu!

Sounds like you had a FANTASTIC birthday, I always find b-days a bit of a let down, maybe I'm expecting more out of the day than there really is.

You got some fabulous gifts!

Isn't that cool, we're both Aries!!!!

Aries Rock!

Carol said...

Oh no! Happy Birthday! I wrote your bday down as April 22! I sent you a gift a few days ago, all proud of myself that it would get there a little early ...blushing ... so when is the real day?? Sorry!!! Your finishes are too cute!

Karen said...

Belated Happy Birthday, Katrina!

Glad you had a good day, with loads of fantastic presents :)

Karen V

Bea said...

A belated Happy Birthday!
It's my first post on your blog, but I discovered it few days ago. Carol told about your Petal Fairy on her blog and I immediately saw her! Beautiful!!! I love her!!

Bye bye from Bea

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