Monday, February 07, 2005

I think we're going tropical!

I think we're going topical!! For the past week or so its been so hot and sticky here, and the humdity has been really high. I'm sure we're all going to start sprouting mould or something, lol.

Many of the airports around NZ have been affected by fog so thats caused all sorts of chaos for travellers. My cousin Donna who was flying down from Auckland to Palmerston North last Thursday had her flight delayed by quite a few hours. Donna spent the recent weekend staying with me so she could go to her old primary school reunion in town . Although she had different functions to go to throughout the weekend we still found plenty of time to talk "weddings", lol. Donna is one of my bridesmaids and is going to help me with some of the organising of the smaller details like the favours and invites. She works at JW GourmetGifts/La Maison du Chocolate so has lots of great ideas, and wasn't I lucky, she even brought some chocolate samples with her this weekend!

The baby sampler is coming along too, I'm quite pleased with the progress I made on it over the weekend. The extra hours of stitching on Saturday night certainly helped - I haven't had a Saturday night at home in ages, or when we have, we've had people around for a bbq. I can't wait to get back onto the Petal fairy though, have really missed stitching on her.

This week I've set myself three wedding "tasks" - talk to the florist, ring the supplier of the fabric for the bridesmaids, and also we need to talk to a family friend to see if he'd like to be our toast master or master of ceremonies, not sure what the correct term is there, lol.

I finished reading Bella Tuscany by Frances Mayes last night too so have started on a book I got out recently from the library, Sun at Midnight by Rosie Thomas. I'm looking forward to getting into this one as its set in the Antartic, a place that has always fascinated me.

I think thats all my news for today!!


Carol said...

Enjoy Katrina! We are freezing our buns off here with the likelihood of a big snow storm in about two days time! But, at least my NE Patriots won the Super Bowl last night - gives the warm, fuzzy feeling to help stay warm. Feel free to send some of that tropical air this way! We have so much snow it probably won't all melt until June!

Carol said...

Hey Katrina - welcome to the Stitching Bloggers webring! Nice to see you here!!!!!!!!!!!


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