Friday, February 04, 2005

February Goals

As I didn't set any stitching goals for January I can't do a recap so here's my list for February:

Finish and frame Bears at Work - Firefighter by EMS. As this is a paid stitching job this will be my focus project until its done.

Christmas Ornament. Maybe JBW Design's Holly Noel?

Small gift for Seasonal Exchange. I came across a freebie on the Rainbow Gallery site the other day, Snowman by Erica Michaels, which I thought would really cute to send to my seasonal exchange partner. Here's the pic from Rainbow Gallery.

This is my most recent Petal Fairy progress pic

and some recent knitting happy dances

1 comment:

Carol said...

Oooo, nice job - you are just plugging away at Petal Fairy! I am still waiting on my fabric, if you can believe it! I got an email from Silkweaver a few days ago, apologizing for the delay but they overlooked my PayPal receipt and had just come across it. Since I paid for one of their new Expressions at the same time (Blue Fusion), I have a funny feeling they still have to dye that for me to send them together, even though the solo I need for Petal Fairy is ready - ugh, delays! In the meantime, I am totally attached to my Fairy Flora, so I guess I will live!

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