Thursday, October 28, 2004

and another week bites the dust!

Wow, has it already been a week since I set this bog up. Now that the end of the year is in sight the weeks seem to be slipping by far too quickly, or is it because I’m trying to fit more in, lol.

So a summary of the past week then. It was a long weekend for us as both Friday and Monday were public holidays, yay! I had planned to catch up on lots of things around home since Glenn and I have had some pretty full on weekends lately. It was a very productive weekend, although I didn’t get as much stitching in as I’d wanted too, or get done any of the sewing, mostly "finishing" on all the Christmas ornaments I’ve stitched lately. As usual the four day weekend went by too quickly and then it was back to work on Tuesday for a rest, hee hee.

This week I’ve been stitching on a couple of things: Waxing Moon’s The Best Things in Life, and last night I started a small Lizzie Kate which is going to be a gift for a friend’s birthday in November. Best Things in Life is all done except for one part which I’ll have to go back to as I’m waiting for a thread to arrive from the US.
I also joined another ornament exchange this week, this one is with my New Zealand "doris" stitching group.

I’m very tempted to put an order in this week at Needlecraft Corner as the NZ dollar rate against the US $ is really good. I’d like to order Sophie’s Roses by Shepherds Bush, as well as Just Nan’s Noel, one of the new Christmas designs, and also some threads that are on my wish list.

off to the movies tonight to see "Shall we Dance?" with Mum and a friend.

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