Thursday, December 08, 2022

December is here & the Jingle Ball

Good morning friends, well, it's now December and this time next week I'll be about to start my annual summer break! Wahoo, it's come around very fast but I'm so looking forward to the break. Hannah finishes school for the year tomorrow and Glenn will start his summer break a bit later in the month then we can enjoy the lead up to Christmas.

This post is about some happenings here lately - I have lots to catch up on which I'll do over the next few posts.

This beautiful rose has been prolific so far this summer, blackberry nip, and the scent from it is divine.

A few weeks back my friend Sonia and I checked out Hawkes Bay's latest newly opened knitting shop, the Knit Nook, which can be found in Napier.  Behind this pink door, you'll find all sorts of lovely knitting goodies - hand dyed yarns and accessories galore.

As well as a few gifts, I couldn't leave behind these goodies - 

While in Napier, a stop at Starbucks for a Christmas coffee - peppermint mocha, yum.

The same day we visited the Knit Nook, we had a stitching group catch up at our friend Nicki's in Taradale. It was great to see Nicki as she had recently returned from her overseas trip and with treats for us -

A new Christmas candle arrived recently - it smells so lovely and will be a great scent for summer.

The lilies and other flowers in the gardens at work are just starting to flower - they make us so happy and we have vases all around the place at the moment!

A lovely catch up recently with my niece Zoe in Napier on a sunny and warm day.  We checked out the Sunday markets and then did some Christmas shopping. 

New Zealand's Christmas tree, the Pohutukawa.

Another fun thing recently, I bought a ticket to the Jingle Ball, an online event for stitchers. I didn't participate in any classes or Meet & Greets but I had a lot of fun purchasing some patterns! I think my Christmas stitching is all sorted for 2023!

Diesel is now nearly 5 months old and he's a gorgeous boy.

He's such a good boy and has a lovely fun nature.  He's become very chilled in the past few weeks 


Mr Handsome, Mr D, Diesel the weezel, puppy boy are some of the fun names we call him.  When he looks at you with those eyes, you'll do anything, ha ha.  

See you soon xx


butterfly said...

Love the rose you have shown such a beautiful colour.
Great to see your lovely new charts and family photos.
Enjoy your holidays ,hugs June.

Marilyn said...

OMG! That rose is gorgeous!
What a cute yarn shop.
Looks like you picked up some great designs at Jingle Ball.
Diesel is so handsome.

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