Friday, September 23, 2022

Fun Stitching and a trip to the Daffodils

Hello friends, another week has rolled on by and we're pretty much had rain every day.  We did get two days of lovely sunshine last weekend then back to rain.  Glenn and I did manage to get a start on a big clean up around our back deck, swimming pool and greenhouse last Sunday, clearing away leaves, washing down walls, etc and then water blasting the deck.  Everything is so damp, slimey and slippery from this consistent rain over the past few months. Roll on some sunshine!

I've been stitching on a fun project this week - using some of the stitchery patterns from this new pattern by Natalie Bird from the Birdhouse, these will be turned into small ornaments.  This fabric is from a new fabric range also by Natalie Bird called Ready for Another Christmas - love these colours.  

Last week, in between showers, I was able to visit the local Daffodil farm. It's been several years since I last went and it's such a beautiful and peaceful place to go.  It was very wet underfoot so I didn't venture too far off the paths into the paddocks. 

Sadly, due the weather conditions, the farm has had to close to visitors before the season finished this coming weekend.  

This little puppy is over the rain too, but he absolutely loves being out in the garden and grass when he can be.  

Growing so fast, Diesel will be 11 weeks old on Monday.

Have a happy weekend. See you soon xx

Friday, September 16, 2022

RIP Queen Elizabeth, Puppy Fun and a small bit of stitching

 It was with a heavy heart we learnt about Queen Elizabeth's passing at the end of last week.

(Max Mumby/Indigo, Getty Images)

A truly remarkable lady, a life filled with duty and dignity, she will be so missed by many around the world, including here in New Zealand. I chose the above photo as I loved seeing all the bright colours she chose to wear and this lime green was particular favourite.  Gone from our sight, but never from our hearts.

It's only been a week but this little boy has truly stolen our hearts:  please meet Diesel Ollie Jamieson, our new labrador puppy. 

Nine weeks old and bundle of fun that's for sure - he's settled right in with us, and such a time waster! ha ha.  He loves his food, sitting on our feet, his blue blanket and toy bunny.  He also enjoys munching on a carrot and newspaper when he can get it, and of course, zooming around our back yard.  So much fun ahead with this one!

I don't have much stitching to share this week but I did recently start a new stitch along with my friend Sonia, we're stitched the new Tiny Modernist 2022 Holiday SAL -Christmas Snow Globe:

I have also made a teeny start on the Humming of the Bees sampler by Blackbird Designs:

See you soon xx

Monday, August 29, 2022

Nearly Spring

Hello friends, the end of another month is nearly here and September means that it will be officially spring here in New Zealand, yay! What a wet winter we've had this year. 

Onto more happier things, I've had this little kit, which was a part of the Silver Needle's Stitching Circle Club, in my stitching basket for ages. The other night I couldn't decide what to stitch on so thought I'd get this one underway.  

I've been on a fabric and accessory buying spree lately, who could resist these new ones in at my local sewing shop:

A new Nurge embroidery frame to try out and a few other bits including new scissors to go into my red work bag.

Can't wait to start this red work pattern 

and more gorgeous fabrics for project bags

One of my favourite NZ food bloggers, Vanya from VJ Cooks, has recently released her first cook book, so I tried out the Apricot Museli Bar slice - yum! I love Vanya's recipes, I probably make one of her dinner recipes every week.

These simple pineapple muffins were pretty tasty too, the recipe can be found here:

Hannah has just finished her first season of high school winter hockey and she absolutely loved it. Held on Monday evenings, some weeks the weather was atrocious but the kids got out there and played their game, win or lose, they had a ball. 

I'll leave you today with the latest pup photo we received this morning - look at those eyes!  

Not long to wait now, 9th September, we pick up this little dude and get ready for the fun and games to start! 

See you soon xx

Friday, August 19, 2022

This Week

I pulled out my red work embroidery bag the other night, it's been such a long time since I did any stitchery projects, and I found a project I already had on the go:

I recently purchased some Birdhouse designs by Natalie Bird so I'm looking forward to getting started on these soon.

All of my recent reserves had come in at the local library - they always arrive at once!

Stitched a few months ago, this is a Merry Pair by Satsuma Street. The kit contained the purple trim and velveteen fabric backing from Lady Dot Creates.

Last night we celebrated my lovely Mum's birthday with a family dinner - the little red velvet cake and macaroons were delicious. 

Some exciting news to share, in a few weeks time, this gorgeous boy is coming to live with us! 

We are so looking forward to the puppy fun and the mischievous adventures this little pup will get up to.  

This little fella has already stolen our hearts and we can't wait to bring him home in September.

See you soon xx

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

The Rabbit & Rose


Stitched during Easter this year, I finally finished this sweet design, the Rabbit & the Rose by Brenda Gervais recently. 

Stitched on 32 count vintage mocha Belfast linen and I used most of the recommended threads.

I used this pretty fabric for the backing and the trim is "Rainy" by Lady Dot Creates.

See you soon x

Monday, August 08, 2022

Catching Up - birthdays, renos, books and more

How did it get to be August so quickly - July seemed to go by in the blink of an eye and if the next month goes just as fast, it will be spring before we know it. 

We had a small celebration for Glenn's 50th birthday last Tuesday - August 2nd. A few of our friends came for dinner and this was the lovely cake my cousin Donna made for Glenn. It was chocolate and caramel flavoured, and just delicious.  

Over the past few weeks, Glenn has been making great progress on our bathroom/toilet.  He has done this all on his own, even the floor tiling, with the plumbing work being done by a professional.  

This weekend Glenn completed a lot of the smaller details, framing around the window, skirting boards, and door frame, just the painting to do. The door has come off to be also painted this week so we have a "fab" blue tarpaulin for our door at the moment, ha ha!  The plumber will be back sometime to install the hand basin and to replace the temporary shower head we've had since the shower went in back in early June.  

There's still the electrical work to be done and the ceiling to go up but it's getting there, and Glenn has done an amazing job, as always.

Here are the couple of books I enjoyed while on my holiday break - Lessons in Chemistry would be one of my favourite books so far this year.

Every week I like to stop by my local sewing and craft shop and Andrea tries to tempt me all the time with new things in, she doesn't need to try very hard. Last week it was a big box of wool that had just arrived in from Australia - so pretty but which one to pick ha ha.  

My very small daphne bush is flowering at the moment - my absolute favourite floral scent. I really miss the white daphne at my in laws old house, I really need to get one for our garden some time.

After some very wet and cold weeks, we've had a week of sunshine and boy, does it make you feel better - almost feels like spring is on its way.  The daffodils in the garden at work have started flowering and other bulbs are nearly out too.

Have a happy week friends, see you soon xx
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