Wednesday, November 16, 2022

November so far

I've really enjoyed putting a few stitches into this Shepherd's Bush project, the Lois stocking. I don't know what it is about Shepherd's Bush stockings, they are such a joy to work on.

My lunch break crafting lately has been crochet dishcloths.  Using my favourite pattern, Mama's dish cloth by Crochet 365, I've lost track of how many of these I've made now.

My LNS, Curtis Fabrics, has a wonderful selection of cotton, and all other types of yarn. Couldn't resist this variegated one, lovely pinks and lime.

Something I've been working on for ages and finally finished last week, is this Floss Flat, a pattern by Christine Sherman @windingrainbows. Using a finished stitched piece, Counting is Hard by Luminous Fibre Arts, and some of my favourite fabrics that match other sewing & crafting bags, I have had this on the go for several months. 

The inside has several projects and I added a couple of sewing charms to the zipper pull.

So relieved to have it finished and oh boy, was that binding tricky to get on!! I need way more practice at it ha ha.

Back in the last school holidays, Hannah and some of her dancing friends participated in a local talent show. It was a fabulous night, and we were so proud of Hannah for performing her solo dance and then a troupe dance with her friends. Thought I'd share a few pics of our lovely girl enjoying herself. 

The roses in our garden have all started flowering this month. I'm always interested to see which flowers first, this year it was the gorgeous smelling Friesia.

Mr Handsome is now four months old and such a dude.  He's a bundle of mischief at times and makes us laugh so much.

Diesel's favourite thing at the moment is Hannah's blanket that sits on her chair. As soon as she gets up from it, he's in there so fast, snuggling up to it. Lucky for him, she doesn't mind lol.

See you soon xx


butterfly said...

What a lovely post, your daughter is so beautiful you must be proud.
Your puppy is growing up so fast and also very beautiful.
And your needle work is beautiful so is the rose.
So, all in all such a beautiful post.
Have a fun week hugs June.

Marilyn said...

The Floss Flat is nice, will come in handy.
Beautiful pictures of Hannah.
Diesel has grown.....a lot!

Bikegirl said...

Wow Hannah looks beautiful and so grown up!
I love your lunchtime crochet/stitching, I don't get long enough in my lunch break but definitely would be stitching if I had the time!
I really look forward to your blog posts, so many people are not blogging anymore so I am so pleased you still do yours.


Alison said...

Thank you for sharing such lovely photos. Hannah is so beautiful and it is easy to see how she loves Diesel.

shirley flavell said...

You have every reason to be so proud of your beautiful daughter, she looks wonderful. I have made that floss flat and 100% agree re the binding but got there in the end with going slowly but surely.Love Shepher Bush stocking designs, I have one in progress for quite a long time , other things keep popping up to do!.It's always good to see your blog entries Diesal sure is growing rapidly.

Christine S said...

Thank you for sharing your Floss Flat case! It always makes me smile to see finished products. I love the detailed front and back! I always try to encourage people in knowing the binding does get easier each time! Nothing has to be perfect to be finished, useable and loved! Have a great week :)

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