Wednesday, May 08, 2024

Sweet 16, Sampler stitching & More

Our Hannah May is now 16 years old, wow, where have the years gone to? Our lovely girl is clever, kind, funny and loves her family and friends, a beautiful dancer, loves all things hair & beauty and soon will be sitting her Learner's Car Licence test. Last night we celebrated with takeaways, cake, and macaroons as Hannah had hockey practice followed by ballet class. This Sunday we're taking Hannah and a couple of her friends to tenpin bowling followed by lunch out in Napier, will be a fun day out.

Talking of fun days out, this past weekend, Hannah and I went along to a fundraiser for our local cancer support group, a fashion parade followed by afternoon tea. Our friends were in the show and they did a great job of modelling clothes from our local retail clothing stores. 

We also tried out a newly opened Nail salon in town for fresh pedicures. 

Last week's choice for my sampler stitching was Winter Rose Manor by Brenda Gervais, mostly just the house to stitch now.

My local sewing and knitting shop, Curtis Fabrics, had something exciting come into stock last week, Oliso irons! I've been looking at getting one for quite some time so I was very excited to go into the store last week and check them out. I decided to go for the Project iron, which is going to be just perfect. I've yet to try it out but can't wait to get it out of the box next time I have a sewing session.

Another happy purchase recently for our laundry, a new clothes dryer - we had a very old one, which we didn't replace when we completed our laundry renovation a few years ago. This is going to make getting clothes dry way easier over the coming winter months, especially since we have a cheeky doggy who likes to take our washing off the drying clothes racks!

See you soon x


Marilyn said...

Happy Sweet Sixteen to Hannah!
Rosewood Manor is looking so pretty.
I've heard those are great irons.
Please give us a review.

Julie said...

Happy 16th birthday to Hannah!!! When I first started following along with your blog, she was only young! I will look forward to seeing what you think of the iron Katrina as I have considered buying one of those myself in the past. xx

butterfly said...

Happy 16th Birthday Hannah ,
Lovely stitching , have a great week hugs June.

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