Thursday, November 23, 2023

Another beach weekend

Our plans to head out to the beach this coming weekend have been put on hold as it looks like we're in for another rainy weekend but that's ok as I'm planning to get some sewing done and more baking to pop into the freezer, as well as the usual around the house jobs.

We had a lovely weekend at Kairakau beach recently - we hadn't been out here since a New Year's trip back in 2022. A gorgeous beach here in Central Hawkes Bay, which is very popular for its freedom camping spots, surfers and day trippers.

We had a good spot right on the front and once the sun came out on Saturday morning, the weather was perfect.

No luck with the fishing this time sadly.  Lots of beach walks, chats with our friends, yummy cheese, chips and dips, and once again, Diesel was completely wiped out by the time we got home on Sunday afternoon. He just loves the beach - zoomies into the water, racing around in the sand, sniffing everywhere he goes. A thoroughly good weekend, its amazing how the sea air makes you feel.

See you soon xx


butterfly said...

Looks like a great fun time , we live only mins away from the sea .
Have fun hugs June.

Marilyn said...

Nice pictures.
Diesel looks excited!

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