Friday, September 23, 2022

Fun Stitching and a trip to the Daffodils

Hello friends, another week has rolled on by and we're pretty much had rain every day.  We did get two days of lovely sunshine last weekend then back to rain.  Glenn and I did manage to get a start on a big clean up around our back deck, swimming pool and greenhouse last Sunday, clearing away leaves, washing down walls, etc and then water blasting the deck.  Everything is so damp, slimey and slippery from this consistent rain over the past few months. Roll on some sunshine!

I've been stitching on a fun project this week - using some of the stitchery patterns from this new pattern by Natalie Bird from the Birdhouse, these will be turned into small ornaments.  This fabric is from a new fabric range also by Natalie Bird called Ready for Another Christmas - love these colours.  

Last week, in between showers, I was able to visit the local Daffodil farm. It's been several years since I last went and it's such a beautiful and peaceful place to go.  It was very wet underfoot so I didn't venture too far off the paths into the paddocks. 

Sadly, due the weather conditions, the farm has had to close to visitors before the season finished this coming weekend.  

This little puppy is over the rain too, but he absolutely loves being out in the garden and grass when he can be.  

Growing so fast, Diesel will be 11 weeks old on Monday.

Have a happy weekend. See you soon xx


Marilyn said...

Cute project, & those fabrics are so pretty.
The Daffodil farm looks amazing.
Diesel is too cute!

Julie said...

Those new fabrics are gorgeous Katrina!! I love the daffodil farm ... we have one on the other side of Hamilton & I've been lucky enough to visit it twice this spring. It is one of my favourite places to go to & I always buy myself a nice big bunch. Diesel looks so adorable - my eldest son had a dog called Diesel, similar colourings to your boy. xx

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