Friday, April 23, 2021

A Couple of Things

Hello friends,  it's a lovely sunny and warm autumn day here today and I'm enjoying a day off from work to spend with Hannah, it's the school holidays here. We've been into town this morning for Hannah to have an hair cut, post some mail and visit the sewing shop, and then her choice for lunch, sushi of course!

A couple of things to share this afternoon, another new project bag has been finished. This is quite a lot larger than the other ones I've previously made and I quilted the pink fabric.

My sewing shop has a lovely range of knitting cotton in at the moment so I've been having fun making some dish cloths. The pattern I'm using can be found here:

My friend Clare gave me this lovely project bag for my birthday

I'm not sure what I've let myself in for, but I couldn't resist signing up for a Block of the Month kit, the new quilt by Natalie Bird featured in the Homespun magazine, it's so lovely and the fabrics are gorgeous.

 Isn't it just so sweet? I'm sure it's going to be lots of fun once I've figured out what to do! Ha ha. I think I'll start with the easy bit first, the stitchery pieces.

See you soon x


butterfly said...

Looks like you are going to be busy the rest of the year .
Love the project bag and your new project .
Have a good weekend.

Robin said...

Your bag looks stunning. Your crocheting looks awesome. My extent of knitting is doing dishclothes as well. And the quilt... OMGOSH it is beyond awesome. I am looking forward to watching your progress. What an heirloom you will be making.

Marilyn said...

That bag is beautiful.
What a pretty quilt that will be.

Alison said...

I so enjoy your lovely happy posts. Thank you for sharing. Where is your local sewing shop? So many have closed down and I struggle to find nice ribbons like the pull tag on the zip.

Unknown said...

I have signed up for the Homespun BOM too, and am feeling equally daunted!

Lisa said...

Well darn it, thank you? I've been itching to do a block of the month quilt for years, and I love this ... so I signed up too.
Lisa Beck

Meari said...

Love the little hand made tag on your project bag. The bag is beautiful. Good job!

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

I always enjoy seeing what you have finished or what you are working on. The quilt will be gorgeous. I love the fabrics you have for it.

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