Thursday, January 26, 2023

Stitching this month

During my January holidays, I spent a bit of time sorting out my current stitching projects, putting away threads, patterns, etc from finished projects and making some plans for this year - things I'd like to stitch including long time wips or new projects. I also got a few end of the year stitched projects fully finished and several others ready for finishing - they just need trims sewed on, etc. 

So I made bit of plan to get some time in on a few unfinished samplers in my stitching basket - even if its only a few hours, and this was the first project to be picked out, Winter Rose Manor by Brenda Gervais, With thy Needle and Thread.

I did have a new start just before I went back to work. This lovely chart by Teresa Kogut, Needle and Flax, was on her Patreon for subscribers just for the week so I'm really pleased I spotted it and got it downloaded and printed off.

Another long term unfinished project, In My Garden by Blackbird Designs, which was part of the Friends Stitching Circle by the Silver Needle a few years ago. This is nearly done but I had to put it away for now while I wait for some extra thread to arrive in the mail.

Zzzzz, Diesel snoozes away most evenings next to me while I stitch. 

Sundays I've been stitching on my current Shepherd's Bush stocking project, Lois. This should be completed this coming Sunday. I've have plans to stitch at least three more this year for gifts.  

That's me for today - let me know if you have any special stitching plans for the coming months.   I've also stitched the first few of my 2023 Family and Friends Christmas ornaments, and have other charts I've all ready to go with fabric and threads. Photos to come.

See you soon x


butterfly said...

Wow you are ready for a nice New Year of happy stitching. love what you are working on at the moment .
I am working on a few smalls and my UFOs, and the odd Christmas one some cards and would like to stitch the family some Christmas ornaments this year.

Marilyn said...

Great projects.
Oooo, love that BB drum!
I hope she releases that some time.
I am working on La D Da ABC.
Diesel looks so content. :)

Solstitches said...

Lots of beautiful stitching here Katrina.
I'm stitching Winter Rose Manor too but have laid it down because I'm dithering over the thread colour for the house. Conch is not going to work with my fabric.
Love the SB piece and how lucky you were to get the Teresa Kogut design.
Happy stitching,

loulee said...

You have lots going on as always. I didn't even thing about Christmas ornaments yet, but did make a start on the first stitched Christmas gift.

Elizabeth said...

You are well organized for the year ahead Katrina, nice feeling isn’t it. As always your projects are just gorgeous. Happy stitching my friend

mylene said...

Lovely projects you are working on and looking forward to see the pieces you picked for your ormaments. I do try to start stitching christmas ornamemts for friends this year.
Happy stitching❤️

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