Monday, December 06, 2021

December so far

Hello dear friends

I'm so excited it's now December - Christmas is coming and in a few weeks our summer holidays begin.  This weekend Hannah and I decorated the Christmas tree and put out a few decorations around the house. I'd treated myself to a new candle which arrived recently, this one smells divine and will be perfect for the summer months. 

Had to share these beautiful flowers - some from a friend's garden, my Mum's garden and our work garden. They are all simply gorgeous.

Last week with some of the clients from my work, we were treated to a preview evening at the local Christmas House. The owners of this property are just the loveliest people, and every year we go it's getting bigger and brighter! 


My aunt and I recently got tickets to a local production and we thoroughly enjoyed it - lots of songs from various musicals and shows they have performed over the years - Chicago, Chess, Mama Mia, Phantom of the Opera and many more. There are so many talented people!

My little friend from across the road, my parents' dog, Abby, just before her latest trim. 

It's strawberry season, yay, and we're quite sad as our favourite local strawberry grower is closed this year but we always pick up some up if we're further away from home at other growers.

Haven't these two girls grown so much, my Hannah will be 14 next May and Zoe is 21 in March 2022, where have the years gone?

Have a very happy week friends!

See you soon xx


Marilyn said...

The flowers are beautiful, as are the Christmas decorations.
yes, the 2 girls have grown a lot, so pretty.

PAM said...

Beautiful flowers Katrina. Everyone's roses seem to be amazing this year.
Wow those two young ladies are sure growing up fast (I've stalked your blog for years haha).

butterfly said...

Lovely post , beautiful flowers love the roses.
Yes your family are growing .
Love the decorations have a fun week.

mylene said...

Wow! Those flowers looks gorgeous! Now,
I can't wait for Spring to arrive but
Winter just had started🤭.
The two young beauties sure grew up fast.💖

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