Thursday, March 04, 2021

Easter Stitching Plans

Stitching for Easter 2021 is now underway. I have a couple patterns already kitted with fabric and thread from last year that I didn't get done so they'll be included on the list to stitch too.

First up, Harietta and Co by Brenda Gervais. I'm unsure of the fabric I'm using, and it doesn't show up in this photo, but it has a slight vintage wash look about it. I'm using most of the recommended threads and the ones I didn't have I've substituted DMC threads.

Here are some of the charts from my Easter stitching project bag:

- recent purchases from the Tiny Modernist and Crocette a Gogo, buy, print and stitch - love a PDF chart! 
- A chart from Hands on Design;
- and have you seen this very cute free chart by Christine of Whilst Iris Naps

There are so many lovely Easter/Spring stitching charts available. Of course, here in New Zealand we are now going into our autumn season and yay, I can hear it raining - we are so much in need of some decent rain here, we've probably had two days of rain all year so far, it was a very dry summer for us.

See you soon x



Julie said...

Gosh Katrina - that Harietta & Co is just beautiful - what a gorgeous pattern & I just LoVe how you are doing it. I'm not sure why but I am just thinking about All Things Easter lately & find myself pulling bunny patterns out & feeling inspired. Yes we could do with much more rain here too.

butterfly said...

Love the Easter stitching you are starting .
I love Easter .

Marilyn said...

Very cute Spring/Easter projects.
Hope you get rain!

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

A lovely selection of Easter stitching. I must get mine out!
I've checked out 'Whilst Iris Naps' website. They have some pretty samplers. I can feel some purchases coming my way :)

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