Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Lovely Visit

A week or so ago Anne emailed me to let me know that she was going to be coming home to New Zealand for a little holiday before Christmas and if possible, she was going to take a road trip with her Mum for some sighseeing in Hawkes Bay. I was so excited as its been well over two years since I last saw Anne in Melbourne.

After a very long drive down from Auckland, Anne and her Mum arrived late Sunday afternoon to spend a few hours with us. I had asked Kath to come around to meet Anne too. We had a lovely time - lots of laughing, and talking about all things stitching of course, lol.

me, Anne, Kath with Hannah

Here we are just before it was time for Anne and June to head back to their motel. Hannah was completely out to it, worn out by all the playing with June I think, lol!

Anne gave me two little pressies, this lovely sparkly Chatelaine piece - its so pretty, and as Anne said, very Australian, hee hee, in green and gold.

And this super cute ornie for my tree, I just love it, and its one I had put on my list to stitch sometime next year.

Thank you so much Anne!

I'm very pleased to say that asides from one Christmas stitched piece,which I hope to get done tonight, all my 2008 ornaments have been made up, wahoo! I've spent the past few nights after Hannah has gone to bed frantically ironing, cutting fabrics and ribbons, sewing to get them all done. Oh what a good feeling that is.

Only 8 more sleeps til Santa comes!


Alison said...

Great work on all the ornaments Katrina. Nice to see you there with Anne & Kath (oh & Hannah too!). Love your decorated walls. :)

Laura said...

Lovely presents from Anne! That snowman ornament is absolutely adorable!

Carol said...

Oooo, how fun to have had a chance to see Anne! Woo Hoo!

Anonymous said...

Hi Katrina,

I love the snowman ornament you got from Anne. Can you share with us the designer? She did a great job.


Anne S said...

Unfortunately my phone died while I was in NZ so I haven't had chance before now to get in contact! Just wanted to drop by and say how lovely it was to see you again, and to meet DH and DD, and of course Kath. Sorry I was a little less chatty than normal, put it down to over-tiredness I think. It really was great to see you again, and I'll treasure my ornie, thank you! {{hugs}} xx

Anne S said...

PS: I forgot to mention, in answer to Dawn's comment - the designer is Full Circle Designs, and the design is called "The Decorator", from the 2007 JCS Xmas ornie issue :)

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